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  • Booking will be open to all on 24th Jan 2024, 14.00 Hrs. (Indian Standard Time) onwards.
  • The Bookings would be accepted on a first come first served basis ( by Email Confirmation only)
  • Stand Registration Form should be submitted as an attachment with minimum three preferences (1st ,2nd &3rd ) along with the email
  • Stand Registration Form should be sent to
  • Please note if your first Preference is not available, we will be allocating your alternative preferences.
  • Emails received before the above-mentioned time, will not be considered only.
  • For any clarification, contact TS Manoj at +91 95000 76535


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by 30th April 2024
Built-up Booth * sqm Rs.13,000 / USD250 Rs.12,500 / USD225 Rs.13,500 / USD275
Raw Space (min 24 sqm) * sqm Rs.12,000 / USD225 Rs.11,500 / USD200 Rs.12,500 / USD250
GST @ 18% will be extra
The above Rupee and USD are all Per Sqm RATES
Exhibitors located outside India will pay USD rates.
50% Payment within 30 days of receipt of our Proforma Invoice. The bank details will be furnished in the PI. Balance and full payment by 30 Nov 2024.
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